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Sell HMP Meals at Your Gym, School, Hospital, Building, Company and...

Wholesale Benefits

What are your benefits by becoming a wholesale partner

20% Extra Discount

Sell Houston Meal Prep meals at a 20% profit margin. Add a new large source of income to your Gym, Hospital, Business, School, Building, and...

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on top of a 20% extra discount. Flexible delivery dates and free delivery are ONLY available for our wholesale partners.

Enhance Your Presence

Enhance your business and building presence by promoting healthy, delicious, and nutritious food to your community to help them live a better lifestyle.

Easy to Start

Contact us by submitting our wholesale partnership application below this page. Get approved within 24 hours, start ordering, and selling.

Good for 7 Days

Houston Meal Prep meals are good for up to 7 days. They are tested and reviewed by personal trainers and nutritious coaches around Houston.

Support Your Community

Support your community with healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals to help their physical and mental health. Fresh and ready to eat meals.


The minimum requirements to join our wholesale program

40 Meals

You are required to purchase a minimum of 40 meals per order.

Physical Location

You must have a storefront and/or established business/building.

No Home Based

You may not be a home-based business in the development.

How it works

First, contact us 👇🏼

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Contact our wholesales team to get started